Since , GLK is dedicated to the development and application of innovation technology. We work to effectively and responsibly manage hazardous substances, recycle, and design for easy disassembly and product reliability. GLK has established comprehensive integrated guidelines, design procedures, and software solutions that are used to develop environmentally-friendly products in a systematic and efficient way.


Our aim is to not only provide product development services to our clients, but also to build a complete brand strategy solution. 

Having a close partnership with clients and consumers is our key to delivering visionary results. 

GLK, a select group of professionals , dedicated to bringing the most satisfaction to our customers by turning visions into tangible solutions, will get involved in the first creative stage of product development. 

We identify customer produce requirements , combined with aspects of esthetics and innovations, and proceed by organizing functionality from the customer's point of view. 

A well-equipped factory with maximum monthly capacity of 300,000 units, giving us a reasonable delivery time

5,000 Square-meter ISO 14001:2004 certified and nine level QC system performed factory.

More than 30 engineers in R&D Department to ensure nearly 3-5 new items released each month

Great support in RMA service

Instant technical specification update 

Advanced market guidance and information will enhance your market share.




What we qualified

Wal-Mart Qualified Manufacturer (ID 36153321)

Foxconn Qualified Supplier

HDMI Member

ISO System